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English Noha Ya Ali as Ali Raza Irani Complete Lyrics Write-Ups

English Noha Ya Ali as Ya Ali as by Ali Raza Irani Complete Lyrics Write-Ups

Ya Ali as Ya Ali as
Ya Ali as Ya Ali as

The Lord Of Kaba Is The Brightest Son
The War And Battels Hi Has All Is Won

Soring Imagination Will Fail Definitely
It Can't Describe Infallible Character
Islam Will Remember You In The Sincere Way
The Merciful Masiha The Idol Breaker

Who Can Acquire Merits You Have Maula
Non Can Match Knowledge Announces Prophet
The Fort Of Khaibar Still Bears Witness
The Strength Vigour The Matchless Might

Nahjul Balagha Is The Star Of Knowledge
We Can Get Light If We Decided It 
The Countless Sayings Indeed Are Wisdom
They Are Key To Success You Must Know The Secret

My Ali as Manages The Work Of Nature
The Gem Of Knowledge The Sent Of Kaba
His Whole Life Is The Pieteese Centre
The Voice Of Maker Honestees Mecca

Never We Could Imagine The Boundless Merits 
None Can Describe The Matchless Powers
Haider Nam Still Echoes If You Listen
Whether It Is Shrine On Shining Flowers

Maula Ali's Power You Must Ask Khaiber
Knowledge Field Is The So Vast And The Best 
The Countless Merits Still Remained Untouched
How You Can Raqim Write A Part Of It
Noha Title Ya Ali as Ya Ali as
Reciter Name Ali Raza Irani
Poetry By Raqim Nauganvi
Released On  Ali Raza Irani YouTube  Channel
Released By NA
Category Noha
Released Year Muharram 1443
Posted By  Noha Lyrics
Soz/Composition Ali Raza Irani

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