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Must Read Shia Kids Book 2022 Free Download Islamic eBook

Must Read Shia Kids Book 2022 Free Download Shia Islamic Books for Kids & Adults

In this post, we are going to share some useful and must-read books for Shia Kids. 
Teach your children the teachings of Muhammad (PBUH) and the family of Muhammad (PBUH). In today's world where all kinds of educational materials are readily available on the Internet. If we look there, the number of those who spread the teachings of Muhammad (PBUH) and Ahlulbait (AS) does not look as it should.

12 Best List of Shia Kids Book

  1. Let's Learn About Kazimayn
  2. Master of Martyrs Imam Hussain (AS)
  3. Let’s learn about Imam Hasan (AS)
  4. Let’s learn about Imam Ridha (AS)
  5. Let’s learn about the 12 Days of Muharram
  6. Let’s learn about Bibi Sakina(AS)
  7. Let’s learn about Bibi Zainab (AS)
  8. Let’s learn about Hadhrat Abbas(AS)
  9. Let’s learn about Imam ZainulAbideen (AS)
  10. Let’s learn about Prophet Muhammad(SAW)
  11. Let’s learn about Imam Ali (AS)
  12. Let’s learn about Bibi Fatima (AS)

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