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Shia Ramadan Iftar Sehri Time 2022 in Islamabad Rawalpindi

Shia Ramadan Iftar Time 2022 in Islamabad Rawalpindi

We are sharing Shia Ramazan Iftari and Sehri Timing for the year 2022 released by Jamia Imam Sadiq G-9 Islamabad.

This Ramadan Shia Calendar 2022 is valid for Rawalpindi Islamabad only. As we have visitors on this website from all over the world include Pakistan, India, the United States, the United Kingdom, and 30+ other countries.

We personally went to Jamia Imam Sadiq as and brought this Ramazan 2021 Shia Calendar for all Momineen who are living in the Twin City.

For Islamabad Rawalpindi Jamia Imam Sadiq as G9 is always providing the accurate time of Iftari and Sehri. We cannot trust any other source except only a few.

Shia Ramadan/Ramazan Iftari Sehri Table 2022

S-No Date Iftari Time Sehri Time
S-No1 Date14 April 2021 Iftari6:51 Sehri4:12
S-No2 Date15 April 2021 Iftari6:51 Sehri4:11
S-No3 Date16 April 2021 Iftari6:52 Sehri4:08
S-No4 Date17 April 2021 Iftari6:52 Sehri4:06
S-No5 Date18 April 2021 Iftari6:52 Sehri4:04
S-No6 Date19 April 2021 Iftari6:54 Sehri4:04
S-No7 Date20 April 2021 Iftari6:54 Sehri4:02
S-No8 Date21 April 2021 Iftari6:56 Sehri4:01
S-No9 Date22 April 2021 Iftari6:57 Sehri4:00
S-No10 Date23 April 2021 Iftari6:57 Sehri3:58
S-No11 Date24 April 2021 Iftari6:58 Sehri3:56
S-No12 Date25 April 2021 Iftari6:58 Sehri3:55
S-No13 Date26 April 2021 Iftari6:59 Sehri3:54
S-No14 Date27 April 2021 Iftari07:00 Sehri3:53
S-No15 Date28 April 2021 Iftari07:01 Sehri3:51
S-No16 Date29 April 2021 Iftari07:01 Sehri3:50
S-No17 Date30 April 2021 Iftari07:02 Sehri3:48
S-No18 Date01 May 2021 Iftari07:03 Sehri3:46
S-No19 Date02 May 2021 Iftari07:04 Sehri3:43
S-No20 Date03 May 2021 Iftari07:04 Sehri3:43
S-No21 Date04 May 2021 Iftari07:05 Sehri3:42
S-No22 Date05 May 2021 Iftari07:06 Sehri3:41
S-No23 Date06 May 2021 Iftari07:07 Sehri3:40
S-No24 Date07 May 2021 Iftari07:07 Sehri3:39
S-No25 Date08 May 2021 Iftari07:08 Sehri3:39
S-No26 Date09 May 2021 Iftari07:09 Sehri3:38
S-No27 Date10 May 2021 Iftari07:10 Sehri3:37
S-No28 Date11 May 2021 Iftari07:11 Sehri3:34
S-No29 Date12 May 2021 Iftari07:12 Sehri3:33
S-No30 Date13 May 2021 Iftari07:13 Sehri3:32

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Shia Ramadan Iftar Time 2021

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